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Healthy Prepping Checklist w/ Free PDF Download

Updated: Jun 18

His and Hers healthy prepping ideas! With everything that’s happening with the Coronavirus, this is a hot topic right now. It certainly has been in our house. My husband and I have compiled a checklist that we thought would be helpful for some healthy prepping ideas. These are mostly ideas that we have done but also hope and plan to do!

This post contains affiliate links and I receive small commissions for purchases made through them. However, the opinions here are all my own.

Jeff (hubby:)) and I have been stocking up on supplies in light of the recent event; however, this is something that we have been wanting to do for a while but Coronovirus has put a “fire in our pants”. We also did a Live YouTube to talk about prepping.

I’m normally am one to think that “everything will work out” but I am so thankful for my husband to help me to see that even though everything may turn out okay it so much better, and much less stressful, to be ahead of the game and be prepared.

Even Jesus tells us to be prepared from the parable with the virgins and their oil lamps. (Matthew 25:1-13). We do not just need to be prepared with supplies, we also need to prepare our hearts and our minds!

To not worry but to put our faith and trust in that even in the midst of all the craziness He is in control! And even though things may be hard if we accept Christ as our Savoir we have peace and rest in knowing that He is with us. This is a lot easier to say than to do…I have let worry and stress get the best of me lately but when I turn my mind back to Him there is peace.

“Come unto me, all you who are weary and burdened,” He says, “and I will give you rest”(Matthew 11:28).

Song of a Bird in a Winter Storm (Based on Habakkuk 3:17-19)

The soft sweet summer was warm and glowing; Bright were the blossoms on every bough; I trusted Him when the roses were blowing, I trust Him now.

Small were my faith should it weakly falter, Now that the roses have ceased to blow; Frail were the trust that now should alter, Doubting His love when storm clouds grow. If I trust Him once, I mist trust Him ever, And His way is best, though I stand or fall; Through wind and storm He leave me never, He sends it all.

Why should my heart be faint and fearing? Mighty He rules above the storm, Even the wintry blast is cheering, Showing His power to keep me warm. Never a care on my heart is pressing, Never a fear can disturb my breast, Everything that He sends is a blessing, For He knows best.

If you haven’t thought about or talked about stocking with your spouse I highly encourage you to consider having at least a month’s worth of supplies on hand. Let’s be prepared together!

Note: See the bottom of the page for free PDF download.

Healthy Prepping Checklist Download contains our Amazon Affiliate links.

Other Resources

I wanted to add some other resources for where we purchased items. (affiliate link) has been our best bud…even if the item is available at a date in the near future, it’s better to be on the waitlist than to wait! Items we have purchased on Amazon are in our Amazon Store (affiliate link under “Preparedness and Gardening“. Also, I love for organic/non-GMO pantry staples. They are a bit backed up right now so get your order in now if you can. and are other options, you may have to wait a bit for items but at least you know they’re coming unless something crazy happens.

I hope this has been helpful. Please email me if you have any questions at all for my husband or me. We are happy to answer them!:).

Praying for good health and safety for you all!

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